Design and construction of moulds. Plastic moulding and GIT technology.

Product details:Design and construction of moulds for plastic moulding. Design is directly overseen by the owner that has long-term experience in the sector with various patents and innovative technical solutions. The combined work of the designer and "talented" owner means that moulds can be developed which guarantee an excellent productivity and moulding efficiency.
At present, main activities concern plastic moulding using traditional methods and GIT technology. This means that items can be moulded with internal cavities and a uniform section, for light items and savings on raw materials.
In addition to moulding, work units are created with all production process stages, choosing the most suitable mould, using all automation and handling steps necessary for loading, unloading and handling items and raw materials.
As a technical department, the company can design assemblies such as the “Ducato wheel stand”.
Equipment: It has 18 presses, with a capacity from 6 to 400 tons.
3 are vertical presses with a 150-ton rotating table.
Manufacturer: The company deals with:
- The study and design of moulds for plastic components;
- The construction of pilot moulds for pre-production;
- The construction of moulds for production;
- The moulding and co-moulding of components;
- The construction of work units for automatic production.

The company also has a metrological room with measuring instruments for testing single production items, prototypes and samples.
Materials: Thermoplastic technopolymers
Materials to customer specifications
Internal processing: Co-moulding/pressing: Plastic and plastic and also plastic and metal
Bi-material and tri-material moulding
Assembly of items
Line assembly
External processing:Photoengraving.
Other possible technologies on request of the customer.
Sectors: Automotive, sports industry, building.
White goods, electrical, power tools.
Correspondence: Italian, German, English, French.