Standard metal items

Spring washers

DIN 137 A/B size from 3 to 45
DIN 6904 B size from 2.25 to 10

The following spring washers are produced:
- DIN 137 A/B spring washers
- DIN 6904 B spring washers for combined screws
- Spring washers designed to specifications or samples

Serrated washers

SN 70093 size from 3 to 16

DIN 6796 conical spring washers

SN 212745 size from 2.5 to 30
DIN 6796 size from 2.5 to 30
DIN 6908 size from 2.25 to 10

The conical spring washers are a special type of shimming washers, that have a spring effect thanks to the shape of the screw stop.

The conical spring washer is shimmed in the bolt below the nut and the screw is then tightened with a torque wrench. In this way, pressure is applied on the conical spring washer in steel for springs (DIN 6796) based on the diameter used (metric pitch from M3 - M30).

Spring pins and spring spiral pins (DIN 1481 / DIN 7346)

DIN EN ISO 13337 size from 2x4 to 25x100
DIN EN ISO 8752 size from 1x4 to 16x100

The spring pins or spring spiral pins conform to DIN 1481 (ISO 8752) or DIN 7346 (ISO 13337) and are used for securing machine parts.

The spring pins are made from steel for springs and have the shape of a closed tube. The diameter impacts the compression of the spring pin in assembly conditions, so it may be selected based on applications. To facilitate assembly of the spring pin, it is given a cone shape at the ends.

Reduced shank screws equivalent to DIN 7964

Reduced shank screws have a shank, with a diameter that is less than the threading. Reduced shank screws are tightened and not inserted in the component to secure using the hole. The hole for the reduced shank screw with a corresponding threading then needs to be provided.